Great news!  The entire set of craftable melee weapons has been uploaded into the website - a very large thanks to Neneh for all the screens - your hard work is appreciated!

Have more updates coming soon, so keep checking back!
Hey there all!  I know it's been a while since we've had an update here, but we got a nice big one this time.

All the mutations have been updated to rank 7!  Woot!  Thanks Neneh for putting the rest of those together for me!

Also!  All of the pistols (crafted - excluding zip guns cause I haven't done the books) are uploaded into the screens database.

SMG screens will come as soon as I finish the adv 1 and 2 SMG books.

If anyone can provide me with screens of all the melee weapons I would really appreciate it ... my weaponry skill is sitting at like 11 right now, and isn't too likely to move very fast.
Hello all you wastelander's out there!  I hope you all had a great Christmas (screw politically correct terminology) and looking forward to a great new year!  I, personally, had a great Christmas.  I've also attained level 45 on Sarah so I'll have more time to devote to updating this, and less to frantic "must level" attitudes.

Along with this news, I've posted a large number of rifles screens, since ballistics is about the only tradeskill I have maxed at all.  I'll be working on more later, and updating in the next day or two with the email submissions I've gotten.

Keep up the great work everybody and we can make this site awesome!
All the mutations have now been completed through at least rank 4.  I'm just heading into sector 3 so I'll be getting the ones I can from my factions.  Still need a lot more information, so if you find an area you can contribute to, please do so!  Even if all you send me are the casting times and reuse times, or gamma costs of any mutations, that would be a great help!

A big thanks goes out to Vectivus of the Black Rose clan for submitting some pictures of some more armor.  That section is growing fast!

Don't forget to also check out our contributors page to see who all has been contributing to this website!
Hey all!

I'll be posting more of the armor and weapon screens soon, but I'm trying to figure out a little
better way to post them so it's easier to figure out, and not quite as image intensive.  I'll be updating both nano-manipulation, and suppression tonight at least.

If anyone is exceptional with javascript, shoot me a PM ingame, or on AIM to discuss some ideas I have but lack the ability to do.

Catch ya'll ingame
A big thanks goes out to Neal for supplying a HUGE, and very detailed list of Abilities, and Faction Abilities for the site.  Also, he supplied some missing stats and a spreadsheet screen of the mutations. 

Another thanks goes out to Jenhanna Lonecry for supplying a number of item stats, and a few fan screenshots.
A big thanks to our first contributor, who provided a number of screens of science armor. Be sure to check them out!  Please remember that if you want to be credited for submitting something, please include your character name!
Thermal Control, Patho-Transmission, and Enhancement have all been added to as far as I can see them in S2.  The Enhancement trainer in Fracture was completely missing one of the abilites, so I don't know if that's a bug, or if it's not available till S3

That's about all I can do for mutations for now, will see what I can do about ballistics weapons soon, since thats the only tradeskill I'm doing.  Please help by contributing!
Details for Sonic Influence, and Primal mutations have been added.  Heading to Fracture now to get details of theirs.  I won't be able to do nano-manipulation, or Suppression myself, since I'm Vista.  If someone can do those for me like I've done the others and get them to me on the contact page, I'll credit you for it underneath!
These mutation descriptions have been added up to the ranks that I can see in S2.  Will continue to add as I hit the other towns and can copy them down.