Complete List of All Abilities (Contributed by Neal)

A complete list of abilities based on skill associated (faction abilities included, and color coded)

This list was taken from by Neal, used with permission.  All credit is given to Neal and those that helped him for these lists.

Taken from his original post:

                            Merry Christmas everyone!

                             Thanks goes out to all the Wolves of War that helped me while compiling this, as well as to Psychic & Toecutters work with the 
                             Char planner that inspired this project.
                             I tried to get this integrated into the char planner, but was not able to track down Psychic (neither forum nor mail), so will
                             instead post it here now. If anyone can contact him, this would be great, as the info really belongs there.
                             If you would like to republish this compilation, I'd be happy if you could:
                            - provide a link to this thread & credit it
                            - post in the thread with a link where you publish it

                            This list grew over time and is mostly done now. However there are still things missing, such as stamina costs of higher
                            ranked versions of skills, as well as the traveler faction abilities (as far as I understand, they are in social). Also missing is more
                            information on capstones. If you could help me fill these out, I d be very happy to keep the list up to date.

                            And last but not least, there will be errors in here! I tried to avoid making them, but they will obviously exist, so please let me
                            know if you find any!

  1. Armor Use
  2. Athletics
  3. Dodge
  4. First Aid
  5. Group Tactics
  6. Melee
  7. Pistol
  8. Rifle
  9. Social
Name of skill - target (self/targetable/group/stance), duration, casttime, (not) castable while moving, stacking?
[required skill points] Rank: Effects