You can help build this website!

So you have an interest in helping build this website, do you?  Here are things that I'm looking for information on:

1. Mutation ability gamma costs, casting times, and re-use times.
2. Higher rank mutation descriptions and requirements than I currently have access to
3. Screenshots of the pinned details of all the weapons, and armor.  This can be done right out of the recipe book.  Please try to keep screens
    as small as possible ... cropping out only the item description before sending it would be best.
4. Faction Abilities, such as Enforcer Rifle Smash for example - I need detailed descritions of the ability and any requirements needed for it.

For the above things, please send them in an email to

For any other information, ideas, and comments you think is relevant to this website, and Fallen Earth please use the form below

Screen Submission Format

For item screenshots, please try your best to make them look like this screen.  You can do this by hovering over the top left corner of the item in your inventory/gear/recipe window and clicking the red pin icon that appears.  This is the window that I'd like cropped out, and send to me.  Thanks for your time in helping make this as easy and clean as possible!

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