All the mutations have now been completed through at least rank 4.  I'm just heading into sector 3 so I'll be getting the ones I can from my factions.  Still need a lot more information, so if you find an area you can contribute to, please do so!  Even if all you send me are the casting times and reuse times, or gamma costs of any mutations, that would be a great help!

A big thanks goes out to Vectivus of the Black Rose clan for submitting some pictures of some more armor.  That section is growing fast!

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12/26/2009 10:04:37 am

not at home currently, but for the mutation reuse items, you can find them in the mutation spreadsheet screenie, should all be listed there. It will show as "1min cd" etc. where cd is short for cooldown.
If none is given they should have no cooldown.
Same applies to ranges, standart is either self or 10m, depending on target, whenever it differs, it should be listed in the spreadsheet.

Hope this helps, have a nice christmas!


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