Great news!  The entire set of craftable melee weapons has been uploaded into the website - a very large thanks to Neneh for all the screens - your hard work is appreciated!

Have more updates coming soon, so keep checking back!
Hey there all!  I know it's been a while since we've had an update here, but we got a nice big one this time.

All the mutations have been updated to rank 7!  Woot!  Thanks Neneh for putting the rest of those together for me!

Also!  All of the pistols (crafted - excluding zip guns cause I haven't done the books) are uploaded into the screens database.

SMG screens will come as soon as I finish the adv 1 and 2 SMG books.

If anyone can provide me with screens of all the melee weapons I would really appreciate it ... my weaponry skill is sitting at like 11 right now, and isn't too likely to move very fast.